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Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Woman

When you are making a relationship with your partner, you can see whether you he or she is a wrong person.If you are dating a wrong woman, you can see her signs and same case you can see signs when dating wrong man.Here are signs you are dating the wrong woman.

1.She require money from you more than loving you.If you are dating a woman who requires money from you every time but she is not giving you love, know that you are dating a wrong woman.A good woman does not require money from you instead she advises you to save.

2.She does not spend her time with you.When a woman loves you, she spends her time sitting with you talking about the future.But when she does not want to spend her time with you, be aware that you are dating a wrong woman.

3.She makes a lot of excuses with no reason.When you invite her to your home, she will excuse herself to avoid visiting you.A good woman can not excuse herself she just come immediately.

4.She does not maintain eye contact with you when you are talking to her.When you are talking to a woman and she does not want to look you directly, know that you are dating a wrong woman.If she is good and loves you, she will face you directly.

5.She does not respect you.If you know that you are dating a wrong woman, you will she whether she respects you.When she is wrong,she does not listen to what you are talking or take action for what you have said.

6.She does not help you to do housework.When you request her to help you in doing housework, she refuses completely.

7.She exposes your secrets and plans to her friends.She will tell her friends what you are planning to do next.

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