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Dear Men, This Is How To Make Her Addicted To You Forever

This is always the dream of every single and dating man. They all want to make their women addicted to them. When beginning to date someone, you begin with some kind of extra energy which later depreciates as time moves. Despite all these, no one will like to lose someone he loves. He will always want the affair to last forever and perhaps lead to a marriage. Here are the surebet tips to make a woman addicted to you.

Be a romantic man. Most men keep wondering of what being romantic entails. Romance are the little things we do that show elements of care. Be a sweet man. Buy her flowers, chocolates and flower. My mother brought me up telling me that flowers are the most romantic things you can offer to a woman. Don't buy her flowers only on Valentine's. Expand your territory for romance. Romance has never been complete with actions and word. It requires money too. Treat her better and buy her whatever reasonable thing she likes.

Be the guy who takes her woman out. Go for dates, dinners and movie nights together. Atleast for once you need to break the monotony of staying indoors. I know that sometimes it may require funds but do it for once. She needs to feel like a queen. Staying in the house too much may be boring. Take her out of the house and explore the world. Be very easy to try out new things. This will spice up the relationship and make it last forever maybe to a point of marriage. Modernise your relationship by doing new recipes. Relationships is all about being unique. Atleast try and do what everybody doesn't do. The more the relationship becomes unique, the lesser her chances to walk away.

Be a man of action. Fulfil whatever you say and atleast trust her with your secrets. Secrets are to be kept within trust boundaries. The moment you can share your secrets with her, she will believe you don't trust her. No one will like to invest in a relationship where people don't trust each other. Everyone requires a certain degree of trust which will finally result to love. Love and care go together. You will only love someone that you trust. Tell her about yourself, your past and your flaws. She will always believe in you and hung around you forever. Conform to the promises you make. Lies are the key recipes to a toxic relationship. The small lies will always cost your relationship. Avoid them.

Know how to cook. Be a man who can serve his woman not only when she's sick. Sometimes you just need to offer and wake up before her, make breakfast and present to her in bed. This will be an ultimate reason for her to love you. Some women don't need a perfect working guy. All they need is a man willing to serve her too. For once wash her feet with some little warm water, extend more time to cuddle with her, massage her and call her sweet names. These are what women actually need. It's not all about money and time. It's all about being able to step on your ego as a man and serve your woman.

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