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Dating Romantic

Things you must consider when dating

When you get into a relationship for the first time there are several factors that those are dating should consider

1. Age

In dating it's very important to be with a girl who is younger than you at least by five years of age . This is because many women tend to grow old faster compared to men and also they tend to reach menopause at around forty-five years of their lives unlike men who can be active even at old age.


It is good to know your partner's HIV status early enough so that you can make decisions regarding your future , since nowadays STI infections are on the rise.You need to know your partner's health status. It is very much painful when you get STD diseases from your partner.


Please when you are in a relationship make an attempt to know your partner's background,where he /she comes from ,how is he/her cultures and beliefs and how is his/her religion and how are his/ her relatives and parents doing,this will save you from many troubles of this generation .

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