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Opinion: The Importance Of Dating One Woman

Mos men do believe that when you date multiple women at the same time you become a gentleman. This is not true because it makes you look lost. Dating one woman is the best thing ever. In this article I will tell you the importance of dating one woman.

1. It helps you keep away from unnecessary drama. You are very sure that one day you will make a mistake and the ladies you are cheating on will catch you. It is an embarrassing moment when you are confronted by women for cheating on them. A gentleman should not be caught in any drama with women and the best way to keep away is by dating one woman.

2. Dating one woman helps to save your money. Ladies need cash to maintain. If you date multiple women it means that you will have to spend more to cater for their needs. If you don't have a good paying job, be sure you will struggle. Date one woman and you will have more money left to spend on your personal things.

3. Dating one woman reduces the risk of contracting diseases. This includes mental and physical diseases. Having multiple partners has been identified to be the main cause of spread of sexually transmitted infections. Due to stress maybe for lack of money to cater for all their needs, you are likely to suffer from diabetes because of too much stress.

So men let's be mature and act like gentleman. Date one woman and feel satisfied. You will never be awarded for dating many ladies. Like, share and follow my page to get notifications when new articles have been published daily.

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