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6 attributes every Lady is looking for in a man

Here's some important key attributes every Lady checks out for before accepting a Man into their lives.

His sense of responsibility

Every lady wants to be with a someone with a sense of responsibility. It gives them a sense of security. Also, the way he dress's, and speaks is very important.

His Faith

Unrelated, but no lady wants to be with someone who doesn't believe in something. It is this our faith in a supernatural force that keeps a us in check. Most ladies believe that if he fears God, he'll respect them, which is true for most of the times.

His Ambition

A sense of ambition is a great turn on for the ladies. You must be very purpose-driven as a person to attract ladies to yourself. This is a strong charm that works like fire. No lady wants to be with a man who doesn't have a plan. The moment you become an ambitious and a purpose-driven man, you'll notice how ladies would always want to be around you.

His Physical appearance

Your physical appearance should compliment hers. A short lady wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a short person. Moreover, 80% of light-skinned ladies prefer dark-skinned men also, the dark-skinned ladies prefer light-skinned men. So, your appearance most compliment hers. 

His Age

Age difference is a very sensitive matter when it comes to whether or not a lady will accept you in her life. Most ladies prefer dating older guys. I'm not disputing the fact that some ladies seem happy dating younger Men. The thing is, every Lady wants a father figure in the Man they want to be with. This is the reason why most ladies prefer dating older guys. They need someone they can be able to lean on both psychologically, physically, and financially for support.


Ladies, most of the time are emotional, thus tends to become emotional attached to anyone that show them care. You need to be intentional about caring for her. Checking up on her and also being sensitive to her mood swings.

These are some of the most important key attributes every Lady wants their dream Man to emulate.

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