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Ladies, You Have to Undergo these Medical Examinations With Your Partner Before Marriage

Before you decide to start a family, you and your partner should agree to go to various medical check-up. This is the initial step to accept to live with your partner's conditions.

1. Blood group. Have you heard of a condition known as hemolytic disease of newborns? This is a condition caused mostly by blood group incompatibility. This is the most cause of miscarriage and stillbirths after a successful first pregnancy. Thus knowing you're partner blood group will help during an emergency delivery.

2. Fertility test index. You might ask me why couples must consider fertility. Some marriages have ended due to a lack of children. This comes as a result t couples marry each other without knowing their fertility status. They tend to live up to five years and finally, they realize that one is infertility. It is good to test this before marriage.

3. Test for STIs. It is good to undergo through series of medical check-up to know the status of HIV and other sexually transmitted. It makes sense to be screen than to get yourself into a mess. You have to know what you are getting yourself exposed to earlier to make a viable decision.

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