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5 Things Men Hide From Women At The Beginning Of A Relationship

A firm relationship is a vital element of your love life. Unfortunately, not all relationship lead to marriage. One of the causes of breakups is secrecy. When your partner hide many things from you, it become hard time deal with him. Here are five things men hide from women at the beginning of a relationship.

1 They think they are good in bed.

No man admits that his bedroom skills are poor. All men think that they are best in bed. The truth, however, is different. There are millions of men with poor bedroom skills out there.

2 They love looking at other women.

It is common go see your man staring at another woman in the streets. No man will admit that he looks at other women. It is hard to stop a man with a habit of looking at other women from cheating. He always dreams of being in another woman's arm.

3 They enjoy cuddling.

Most men rarely tell their partners that they enjoy cuddling. Studies indicates men love cuddling and hugging. He won't resist hugging you if you request but he won't admit the same on the first date.

4 The number of women they have slept with.

A man will never reveal his sex count. He will always lies when asked the question of how many women he has slept with. Some men exaggerate the number while others completely refuse to respond to the question.

5 They don't like your makeup.

A man might not say that he doesn't like your makeup because he don't want to hurt your feelings. However, he will speak out his mind sometime later. Not all men love women with makeup.

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