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Husband and wife relationship

Is your man a husband material ?

If your man tells you right from the beginning of the relationship that they want to get married then he is a husband material. Men say what they mean and if a man says they just want to have fun and they are not looking forward to a serious commitment you can't change their mind.

Your feelings and happiness matter to him and puts you first in everything he does. A man who always go out of his way to ensure all your needs are met and you are comfortable is definitely a husband material. On the other hand if your man is always busy with his work hanging out with friends and doesn't care to check on you will not make a good husband.

A man who is ready for commitment might have been in a serious relationship in the past. If in his past relationship he was ready to take things to the next level then he is looking forward to being a husband. Regardless of whether the past relationship works or not men who are willing to commit are definitely a husband material. What are the other qualities you look out for in a husband leave a comment below .

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