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Awful Things You Should Avoid When Kissing.

Intimacy is the act of getting closer to your partner both physically and emotionally. This creates a strong bond which makes you inseparable and remain united in love. Builds a good connection and trust such that no one can think of cheating on the other spouse. Of course if you find your soulmate cheating you'll be like "what I'm I lacking? " These unanswered questions really give one sleepless nights wondering what could be wrong. 

Among the various types of intimacy we have kissing. It can be palm, forehead, cheeks or deep kiss. Couples do it at their own comfort just to satisfy each other and feel the pleasure. However, imagine kissing can be uncomfortable to your partner. Reasons being you are doing unpleasant things when kissing. Therefore, this article describes the various things you should avoid when doing it. 

1. Bad breath.

Since it involves exchange of saliva, the mouth odour is usually felt. Some guys have a very bad smell which is caused by failure to brush teeth or consumption of some foods. Others suffer from ulcers, cirrhosis or mouth cancer which brings wounds and sores around the corner of your mouth. These contribute to having very awful smell that makes your partner avoid being close to you during intimacy. 

The best remedies to do away with this situation is by avoiding stuffs which are allergic to your body. Also maintain a good dental hygiene by brushing daily and if the condition persists see a dentist. 

2. Staring. 

As usual people close eyes when kissing but some guys are very strange. Instead of locking the vision they just stare at their spouses. When the other person opens eyes just to find you staring, he/she feels shy. Once someone blushes off the courage to stand it just dies and loses interest. It can be tempting to look at their reactions in such moments but at the same time it's scary and disappointing. 

Avoid stealing glances if you don't want to embarrass him. Just give her the most favourable and comfortable environment to have a nice romantic time. 

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