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things your partner should not know about you

Keep these seven things on your fingertips if you intend to keep a happy relationship.

Despite the fact that every relationship should be built on trust, there should be a certain limit of openness to your partner. This is because some people just can't handle the truth and therefore, don't risk hurting your partner with some inconsequential details.

Here are the seven things;

1. When someone has a crush on you.

Revealing this information will put your partner in a position to have unnecessary imaginations and become paranoid. For sure this may not be a wise move.

2. When you have a crush on someone else

Being in love with a man or a woman does not restrain you to admire or fall in love with other people. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, don't bother telling your partner as it may be too much.

3. Your "sexual" history.

Actually, this is unnecessary story to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend of how you made love with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in a certain weird place.

4. Your body count.

For the ladies, unless your boyfriend is a doctor or a gynecologists, this information remains irrelevant to any other person. Just keep it for yourself.

5. Talking about stalking his ex.

Whether you are still stalking your boyfriend's ex on social media, he really doesn't need to know about it. Revealing this information will make you come out very insecure.

6. When you don't like his parents.

I'm sure no guy would ever say that he don't like his mum and in that case no guy would stand for that.

To the ladies, unless you don't value your relationship and therefore you are willing to let it go (break up), then it can be ok revealing such information.

7. When you snoop through his stuff.

There can sometimes be no way to justify snooping on the first instance as you can come out distrustful. Even if you found out that he is and have been very loyal to you, just keep the information to yourself.

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