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Pregnancy period

5 Possible Reasons Why A Man Denies A Lady's Pregnancy In A Relationship Even If He Is Responsible For It

Pregnancy in a relationship can be positive or negative to either party. The following reasons are to why most men evade pregnancy related cases;

1. When a man was not expecting to be a father, he will flee from any lady who is showing signs of pregnancy because he knows he is not ready for that.

2. When a man feels that he has been cheated on some days back, he will not accept the child because he will have that feeling that the child is not his.

3. Some men feel that there some ladies who can't make to be the mothers of their kids and when a situation like that arises, the man will tend to deny the pregnancy.

4. If a man feels that a lady is using the pregnancy to win him, he won't accept it.

5. Married men deny pregnancies got outside the wedlock to protect their families.

The above reasons are a clear indication on why most men are not quick in accepting any pregnancy.

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