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Do You Need A Marriage Certificate? Do The Following To Get It

In Kenya there are only three ways in which you can be able to get a marriage certificate.

1) Through a Religious Ceremony.

2) Civil wedding or

3) Customary marriage.

To get a marriage certificate Follow these steps.

Step 1) File a Notice to the registrar and pay ksh. 600 for your notice to be taken and processed. The notice will take 21 days for it to be processed.

Step 2) After your notice has been processed you are given the opportunity to decide on which type of ceremony you would like.

Step 3) If you decide to go with a religious ceremony you will pay ksh. 800 for the registrar to process your certificate and after you get your certificate you will be required to take it to the religious leaders for them to conduct the wedding.

Step 4) If you decide to go with the Civil way you will be required to pay ksh 3,300 and an official date will be given to you according to the diary.

For a marriage certificate to be valid it will be required to have a sign from the participants and also the witnesses.

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