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Let's have marriage counseling programs to save lives

Everyone prays to get married one day. Marriage is a journey that some have chosen not to take while others have chosen to take. The desire to love and to be loved is so thrilling. People have preferences in marriage and it is evident everyone hopes to be married to a mentally stable person who loves,cares,understands, protects and all these good attributes.

However, recently there has been a rising number of marriage disputes that is domestic violence especially here in Kenya. Couples have killed each other by shooting guns, burning houses, poisoning each other and even use of knives. The spirit of understanding, forgiveness and even second chances is no longer seen. The current generation is clearly mentally unstable.

There is need to reduce these violence for the sake of the children in the families and also the people affected like friends and relatives. Those in marriage should be reminded what marriage entails.

In the olden days,girls and boys were prepared for marriage. They were taught how to handle domestic violence,how to respect each other ,and even how to provide and nurture their children. In case of disputes , the elderly were involved and resolved the issues. Children were kept out of the disputes, this helped in ensuring that kids are not mentally affected.

However, nowadays people tend to fight infront of kids creating a bad image and a mentality that marriage is hard. The society is also looking at the fighting couple and a bad image is printed in the family's reputation.

This can be avoided. The government should offer free marriage counseling programs to couples and those who want to get married. Here,there should be examined if they have compatible personalities,check their mental health status and also share some background information. This will help a man and a woman know what he or she is getting himself into.

By doing these, a partner may also make decisions wisely. Come-we-stay marriages should be discouraged at all costs. A man and a woman should sign marriage agreement certificates to show commitment and acknowledge responsibilities.

In case of any changes in a partner's characters these programs should offer a desk to report such cases. The victim or complainant should be protected by being given a place to stay until he or she feels safe.

Partners should also be encouraged to visit a marriage counselor from time to time to share their experiences and get advices. They should also talk to close trusted friends and relatives.

Marriage is a beautiful journey , let's have beautiful tales in future rather than scary ones because love does not hurt. Atleast there is no definition of love as bad thing.

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