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Signs That a Woman Does Not Like You

When a woman does not like you, it is very easy to notice. She will portray certain signs through her body language and behaviour that will tell you to move on. If you see any of these then it is tike to move on because she does not like you.

1. Meaningless messages.

You might have noticed that your crush woman keeps responding to your text with meaningless messages. These are short replies that do not match your expectations. When you out a lot of effort in texting her but she replies with those short and meaningless messages, then be sure that she does not like you.

2. She has not introduced you to her friends yet.

Women love to tell everything about their relationship to their friends. If they even do not know about you, then chances are she does not like you at all. She is keeping you a secret because she does not want them to know about you.

3. Effortless to see you.

Sometimes you might want to meet up with her but she keeps on saying no. She probably does not want to see you because she never liked you. Be aware of this and stop forcing issues with her.

4. She cancels on you on the last minute.

She does this more often because she does not want to meet up or see you. She is not in the moods to make plans with a guy she barely likes. If she cancels on you more than three consecutive times, then move on.

5. She is flirting with other men in your presence.

No woman can flirt with other men when you are around. If she likes you will only want to talk to you. This is a huge sign that she does not like you at all.

6. She never call or text you first.

Women do not text or call first for a guy they are not interested in. Thus is because they find it less interesting to them.

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