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8 Ways to plan for first date

Of all the dates you go on, a first date usually involves the most thought. You want to get to know the person in a fun, low-key atmosphere, but you don't want to do the same old first date formula. Instead of dinner and a movie, get creative. To help your first date go off without a hitch, we've got you covered!

1.Pick a central location.

Talk with your date to find a convenient venue for you both. Show your date that you're thinking of them by choosing a spot that's easy for them to get to. This lets them know you're considerate and you've made the date that much better by making it simple.

2.Set up a low-key afternoon date.

If you don't know each other, a daytime date can be less intimidating. Plan on meeting up for an hour or so during the afternoon. This gives you a little time to decide if you'd like to see them again for a longer date or if it's not working out.

3 Do something simple and brief.

Drinks at a bar or coffee shop are perfect for this! That way, if the two of you don't hit it off, you aren't stuck there with each other for hours on end. If you go to a movie or concert, you're pretty much locked into that activity until it ends. That can be a bit awkward if one of you just isn't feeling it!

4.Choose an activity where you can talk.

Avoid going to a crowded bar or club that's really loud. You don't want to go to the trouble of planning a date only to realize that you can't hear a word the person's saying! Instead of choosing a busy indoor spot, go somewhere quieter so you can focus on chatting and getting to know each other.

5.Plan something affordable.

Choosing an expensive spot puts unnecessary pressure on you. A first date shouldn't break the bank so avoid fancy places that cost a lot, especially if you think you'll hit more than one venue. Think of relaxed settings or laid-back activities you can do that will put your date at ease. 

6.Pick an activity based on common interests.

Find out what they like to do and share your own passions. If you both love animals, go to the zoo or an animal shelter. If you're really into science or space, catch a planetarium show. Pick places that mean something to you both so your date enjoys it and gets to know you.

7.Try something adventurous.

Challenge your date to do something exciting like laser tag or skating. If you prefer getting up and moving around to sitting and talking, ask your date if they're up for something sporty. You might go rock climbing, do indoor skydiving, or play frisbee golf.

8.Pitch a unique or quirky idea.

See if they're game for trivia night or hitting an arcade. Want more of a challenge? Book an escape room and see if you can make it out in time. If you're looking for an unusual first date, maybe walk around a cemetery or go on a tour of a supposedly haunted house in your area. Get creative.

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