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Ladies; Signs Your Man Is No Longer Interested In You

All relationships begin as a fairy tale. You meet a man, he hits on you and you can't help but fall in love. However, with time he starts revealing his true colours and you are left wondering what has changed and that's whet it hits you that he is toxic. Some relationships work and others don't. Here are the red flags you are looking for to show your boyfriend is no longer into you;

1. He keeps blaming you when you have a fight. He does not take responsibility for his actions. He always tries to justify himself even when wrong and you get to apologize.

2. He always finds something wrong with you and refers to your past mistakes.

3. He is abusive. He physically or emotionally abuses you and tends to look for ways to pour out all his anger on you.

4. He makes you feel nervous when around him because you don't know what to expect from him anymore.

5. He no longer cares about how you feel neither does he care about your needs or what happens in your life.

6. He gives you the impression that you can't do without him but he can do without you.

7. He makes you feel used and keeps on comparing you to his exes.

8. He gives you no room for growth and is not happy with the achievements you make in your life or career.

The earlier you leave such a man the better. Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen and you are not an exception. Please like, share and leave a comment below.

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