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How To Keep Your Phone To Avoid Being Suspected By Your Partner Of Unfaithfulness

Mobile phones are communication gadgets which are for transmission of voice or for communication purposes from one individual to another. There are mainly used for the purpose of making direct calls, flash backs, sending please call me, reverse call, sending text messages among other key functions. Mobile phone can be used to communicate with another person regardless of the distance as long as there is network connectivity. Mobile phones are nowadays they main cause of family and friendship breaks ups due to a number of factors. Despite that, individuals can keep their phones in the following ways to avoid being suspected of unfaithfulness by their partners.

1.Always ensure you do not put suspicious pictures in your phone gallery which could lead to misunderstandings with your partner. If you take photos with your women friends, never show your partner if you know it will bring conflict of interest.

2.Stop putting suspicious information on your whatsapp status or social media which will divert the thoughts of your partner of unfaithfulness, always respect your relationship.

3.Never put complicated passwords in your phone, this always sends a strong message to your partner of being unfaithful in your relationship.

4.Stop denying your partner your own phone if they request for it, if you do so, thoughts of unfaithfulness will never be there.

5.Deleting all your chats and call history sends a strong message to your partner when you give them your phone. Stop the habit if you're faithful.

6.If you're playing other cards, make sure you don't use your original home personal number. Always have an alternative to avoid night calls and texts messages. Play your cards well.

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