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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Watching Blue Films

1.Leads to financial loss

Obscene content makes you become addicted to them.You may end up spending much of your finances to buy discs or even bundles to download the videos and pictures.The videos will make you want to experiment what you are watching thus you may turn to paying commercial intimate workers in bid to be intimate with them.This makes you loss much of your cash that may be put into good use.

2.Relationship break ups

Obscene content gives you a wrong impression about intimacy.You end up getting your partner not being as perfect as what you saw in the videos.This leads to infidelity as you try to find someone who will be as good as the one's you saw in the content you consume.Infidelity brings about lack of trust and loyalty which is vital in any relationship.Cheating also leads to you losing interest in your partner which eventually makes you break up.

3.Low productivity

Such addiction makes you have the urge to consume the content at any time that you are free.Some people even go to the extent of missing classes,work or being with friends just to have a glimpse at the blue films.This makes you loss much time you would use in doing productive activities which in turn limits your achievements in life.

4.Self condemnation

At the time of watching the films,you may not feel the guilt.However,you end up convicting yourself after its ugly effects start showing up.You tend to always be suspicious and uncomfortable when with people as you have a feeling that they know what you occasionally watch.This may lead to self-hatred and even depression.What do you think about all types of addiction? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.Do not forget to get vaccinated and follow the health guidelines in bid to win over this pandemic.

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