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Meet Silver Foxes: Men Who have Defied Age Through Fashion Sense/Style

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People should not have any restrictions when it comes to dating especially in matters concerning age. Young people should be able to date who they have fallen in love with despite age. Society should not define courtship or romance by age especially when it comes to dating old men like these. I mean, why deny myself some hedonism with men like these? Never !

Old men who know how to keep themselves up are so presentable and are attractive to look at. Silver foxes which the term refers to men who are above age 40 with gray beards mixed with black are so dope especially those who know how to tidy themselves up when it comes to outfits .

Fitness and fashion is not defined by age, old men who workout to keep their bodies in shape always live longer and healthier lives. In rare cases will you find such men sick or suffering from fatigue, muscle pulls or any any complications as they are always challenging their bodies .

Men at 40 with good sense of fashion can also look great. One should just get himself a good cloth store, fashion stylist or tailor for nice fashion clothes and old age won't be in the term anymore as they would likely look hippie and blazing hot in such outfits making dating life nice for those who are interested in them .

As for this photo, its the smoulder and the grey coloured eyes that stare into your soul that make him attractive .

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Silver Foxes


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