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7 Things That Attracts Men to Women

Things that girls do that Attract Men.

1. Age

We often see couples where men are older than women. And it seems that the majority of couples are like that. However, there are very bright samples of couples where a woman is older. Men aged before 20 and after 30 prefer women from 24 to 25 as lover partners. This is because during this age a girl will possibly become a mother.

2. Height

We prefer ladies who are shorter than ourselves. Men are interested in a woman who may be a little bit below him in terms of height. Most men take a look at this factor before they approach you for dating.

3. Voice

Men prefer women who have a high feminine voice. This may be because high feminine voices are associated with youth, which equates with attractiveness. This makes men impressed with you and be the one amongst their choice.

4. Makeup

Men prefer women who use makeup moderately. The foremost curious thing is that women like to possess very bright makeup. Women who make an awfully bright makeup might repel their attractive nature to men. For you to be attractive remember to decide on your makeup wisely.

5. Dark rings on the Eyes

Wide dark rings attract men more. Younger ladies have wide dark rings on their eyes who seem to be more attractive. Remember also some older women have wide dark rings and they become very attractive to men too.

6. Hair color

Blonde-haired, brown-haired and red-haired, tend to be more attractive to men. Women with these reasonably hair colour move most men around their environment.

7. Length of legs

Men prefer it when women's legs are long relative to her body. So, you wish not to have super long legs to be attractive but the only thing that really matters is that the contrast with the rest of the body.

Thanks for reading. Tell me within the comments which features of the opposite sex are the foremost attractive to you. Remember to share and follow for more good articles.

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