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Signs She is Not Attracted to You Anymore

You have been with lass in a relationship for some time then all of a sudden you start realizing she has completely changed. The affections she had for you seems to be fading yet there is nothing wrong you have done.

Has she been treating your remarks with contempt of late? Well, if she is not interested in you anymore, then you can easily note by her behavior. A lady will tend to react in a weird way especially when she is flirting with another man without you imagining. Keep reading as we highlight the signs she is not into you.

1.She stops making time for you

At onset of the relationship, she used to create time despite being busy so that you can meet up and have the time of your life. But now when you try reaching out to her to request her if she would pay you a visit on a weekend, she starts giving you some invalid excuses. Relationship pundits believe that no matter how busy she is, she will always fix her own time so that you can meet. If this is not the case, then the relationship is at the verge of crumbling.

2.She stops contacting you

Before hitting the sack, she used to contact you to shower you with romance. During the day, she would text you to find out whether you are fine at workplace. But all of a sudden, things changed and she is no longer sending you the sweet messages. When she stops bothering you with calls like before, then she is not interested in you.

3.She doesn't put you first

Imagine being in a relationship where she doesn't prioritize your views or plans. Like seriously? A lady who loves you will always ensure that your views count. She will always ensure that your remarks are considered and prioritized.

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