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If Your Lover Does Any Of These Things To You, Then It's Time To Walk Out.

Are you in love? What would you say about your current relationship?

Are you happy or you're just but persevering?

Well, it might be possible that you are going through hell all in the name of love.

So today we are going to talk about common signs that your boy/girlfriend is no longer interested in the relationship.

1.Poor or total lack of communication.

Is this happening to you guys? Did he or she suddenly stop calling or texting you?

This is one sign of loss of interest, especially if you guys have not had a fight or any misunderstanding lately.

This should only tell you that it's time to move on.

2.If he or she gets unusually mad and sensitive over very minor issues

This is one method that so many people out there use, when trying to bring up unnecessary fights and disagreements.

This fights are the main reasons as to why most relationships fail today.

So if your lover keeps doing this over and over again, then it's time to let go because eventually it will end in tears.

3.If he/she starts calling you by your name

This will only be a red flag if you have been using intimate names, then all of a sudden he/she starts using your name while addressing you.

This mostly happens after small fights, so if this happens to you then I guess you are on the losing end so please, run when you still have time.

4.Regular and frequent excuses as not to meet up with you.

It could be that you guys meet up almost everyday, but all of a sudden he/she starts coming up with faint excuses not to meet up with you.

This could be because he/she no longer wants to have anything to do with you.

So stop insisting and start focusing more on your self.

What can you say about this entire story?

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