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5 signs that someone Loves you More than Just a friend

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People are constantly catching feelings. All you need is proximity and some type of consistent contact, and you've got yourself a recipe for someone becoming deeply attracted to someone who may or may not have feelings for them.

This is especially common in friendships between persons of different sex. Aman and a woman are friends, coworkers, or acquaintances in some capacity. They have a nice relationship, and sometimes just a little banter can be enough to elicit those sensations... Somehow, one person picks up on feelings, and it will start to manifest soon enough.

Here are five signals that someone loves you more than a friend.

1. How they communicate with you

The way they speak to you is one of the most telling signs of this. They'll demand more communication. More phone calls and texts are coming in.

They'll become more compassionate and sympathetic, and they'll try to find methods to have more private chats with you.

All you need is closeness and some type of consistent communication, and someone will undoubtedly pick up on your emotions. [Photo courtesy of Portra/Getty]

2. Their enmity begins to surface.

This is another sign that a friend has begun to develop affection for you. When a person displays envy or other subtle types of violence while conversing with someone of the opposing sex, it's an indication that they've begun to personalize you in their minds.

3. Eligibility

If he or she cares about you more than a buddy, he or she will want to know where you are, who you're with, what you're doing, and everything else.

They may not ask directly, but they begin to feel entitled to certain special advantages in subtle, low-key ways; they aspire to be treated differently than everyone else. Something that reflects the pedestal you've been placed on in their hearts.

They begin to text and call you more frequently.

They start messaging and contacting you more frequently.

4. People will begin to take notice.

You might not notice it, but others will. And if they start telling you that someone likes you, as in really likes you, chances are they do.

People, there is no smoke without fire. Most of the time, there is no smoke without fire.

5. They're experimenting with more one-on-one hangouts.

If he cares for you more than a friend, he'll want to spend time with you alone rather than in groups.

If he invites you to plans that are just the two of you, or if he is always trying to get you away from a group and into a one-on-one hangout, it's a positive sign that he is interested in you and wants to be more than buddies.

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