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Do These Things If You Want Your Woman To Love You

There are things you need to do if you want your partner to love you forever.There are things you need to do if you want your man to love you forever and there are things you need to do if you want your woman to love you forever.Here are things to do if you want your woman to love you forever.

1.Be faithful to her first and trust her.Love her alone as your only woman.Do not make relationship with other women.Get satisfied with her only as your only woman you have.

2.Respect her.Listen to what she is saying and take action immediately for what she has said.Understand her and do not interrupt her while she is talking or comment anything before she has not finished talking.

3.Spend your time with her.Spend your time with her and ask anything that she needs from you.

4.Make her feel happy all the time.Creat jokes and funny to make her laugh and smile.Be happy to her always.Do not be angry.

5.Care her as your woman.Provide her with all basic needs she require including food, clothes and others.

6.Ask her how was her day.Ask her how she had spend her day and what she had encounter difficult.

7.Surprise her with gifts randomly.When she has parties like birthday party or when she does not have, buy gifts and take to her to surprise her.

8.Go with her to your special journeys.When you are going to outings, tell her to prepare too and go with her.

9.Help her to perform housework. Help her to perform various work in the house.This is when the work is too many and when she is pregnant or sick.Help her so as she can regain energy.

10.Do not beat her incase she does mistakes.When she has done mistakes, do not beat her like a child.Sit down together and solve the issue.

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