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How to Keep Your Man

Relationship nowadays are like a child play,they do not last for long.It is very hard to choose a partner who you can trust wholeheartedly but today i want to share some tips which can help you to keep your man.

Men love women who respect them.It is hard for a man to reject women who respect them,they feel more secure and comfortable when they are with them.

Appreciate the few things that your man is doing for you.When a woman shows her man that she always appreciate his efforts and feel lucky to be with him,men feel like they own the whole world.Stop hiding your happiness and stop complaining all the time.

Stay close to him and hug him mostly during the difficult times.Men try to avoid women when they are facing hard times,this is because they feel like they have let them down,they feel like they have not done enough for them.Hold them and hug them,make them feel they are valuable all the time.

Be active and try to assist them whenever possible.They feel like you are sharing minds with them,they feel that they have a reliable partner who can assist them to accomplish anything that they want to do.

Stop hiding many secrets from your man.You can agree with me that we all hate people who keep on hiding things from us,make your man feel that you trust him and you are ready to share everything with them.

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