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Gorgeous Gospel Artist. ''I Love The Child That My Husband Bore Outside Our Marriage.''

In life, you must be patient and persistent in whatever you do. Your background does not matter. What matters is what you want to achieve in life. Trusting in God is another key to success. Depend on God in what you do. Include him in your daily life, vision, dreams, and plans of your life. One day God will see-through in your hardships.

At times difficulties in life can make you make wrong decisions. Pressure from friends and families can also make you take a different path in life. Issues like a family not having children can break a marriage. Although the wife and the husband tend to preserve at some point they lose hope in life. Others divorce their partners, commit suicide, and others even go out of wedlock in search of children.

In the recent past, there have been many cases of celebrities who have children out of wedlock. Most of them tend to separate from each other because of children. Many of them never get married but take of the children from other relationships. Fortunately, society is now embracing the children and their parents.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to a famous gospel artist. Having stayed for nine years without a child, there was a lot of pressure from society. Friends and family members gave different ideas because they had no children. For instance, when Shiru wa GP gathered in the church with other women they always talked about her behind her back.

''One day a certain woman called me and asked me when will I give birth. Others even criticized me when we went for gatherings.'' She adds. Although her husband had waited for many years for God's time, he did the unexpected. Friends advised him to search for another woman who could give him children. Fortunately, he befriended his colleague in church.

Luckily they were blessed with a child. Months later Shiru later got pregnant. Luckily Shiru knew about the issue after she conceived her child. Together as a family, they were able to work out their indifference. Shiru stuck to her marriage and was able to forgive his husband. According to Shiru, she says that the child resembles her husband.

''We live in the same area and the child loves me so much. If she sees me coming she comes running and hugs me. I love her as my child.'' She says. Despite all the challenges in life, she is still a strong woman. Together as a family, they have made in life.

Even though she is a gospel musician, she only sings in the churches, crusades, and weddings. As for her she never performs in the club. Her faith never allows her to do that. When she was growing up her mother was selling Chan'gaa in order to feed them. And by this she hated alcohol. Later after Shiru got saved her mother left the business completely. She transformed her mother's life where she now lives in America.

Life is about transformation. Each day God enables you to grow. Life is about hoping for a better tomorrow. Continue trusting in God in whatever little you do. One day he will take you to another level.

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