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How to manage stress after a heart break.

In modern society, you can't avoid stress as it is part and parcel of our lives. What we can do is only to manage it. You are the custodian of your life, don't get worried of anything you have no control over. Some sources of stress are;

. Relationship breakups.

. Stress from work.

. Families stress etc.

I bring you some ways you can use to how one can manage stress.

1. Respect yourself.

There are reasons as to why your lover left you. Maybe he/was never meant for you. Relax yourself. Don't lower your expectation in order to accommodated your Ex. People always reject what they can't afford. You are valuable and that is the reason he/she left you. Concentrate on doing what you like most, improve your life. Don't rush in forming a new relationship, thinking that you are punishing your Ex. You will only hurt yourself more in the process. Decision made in hast has often proofed to be wrong. More so thank God for securing you from that toxic relationship.

2. Eat well and when I say eat I mean to eat.

we only live once, love those who love you and ignore those who don't, who said that life will be easy? They just promised, if the opportunity comes, take it, if not let it go. Don't skip eating because of your Ex, you will be punishing yourself, eat a balanced diet. Exercise and stay fit. Your body is the most precious gift you will ever have, protect it at any cost. In doing so the level of stress will drastically reduce.

3. Sleep and avoid thinking too much about your Ex.

Your Ex is not important anymore. You are more than that. If they left you, let them go. Enjoy your sleep as if nothing has happened. It is good for your mental health. Your Ex is now your leftovers, he/she doesn't matter anymore. Don't spend your time thinking about them, you will lose gold while busy collecting stones. Let that son/daughter of the beast go. Define your boundary well and people will respect you.

4. Watch your favourite movies.

It is okay to cry yourself to sleep, shade those tears. Forgive yourself for the mistake you made, a mistake of loving a dog in human form. A person who doesn't know what is good for him or herself. I a mean foolish fool. After everything, turn on your favourite soap or action movies and enjoy yourself. Relax your body as you sip your cup of tea. There is no better way to forget that brat than this. you are priceless sweetheart. Life is too short to entertain fools in your life. Do justice to yourself and be the source of your own happiness.

5. Ask for support if need be.

It is said that problem shared is a problem half solved. Talk to your best friend or your confidant. It could be your parent, it could be your teacher or non- relative. To someone who won't let the cat out of the bag. This helps to offset the pressure in your chest, just talk to someone. Don't hold it in yourself. It might be bottled up and bring more harm than good. You are a winner, a supper hero over your life. Pray to Almighty if need be, just talk. Do you understand? The goal is to promote self well being. That son of Pharaoh or daughter of JEZEBEL has no room in your heart.

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Stay blessed pals.

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