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If She is Playing Hard to Get, Don't Walk Away, Men Will Ussually do This

I want to believe that you know the type of woman I am talking about. This is the kind of woman who makes you want to give up for fear of being rejected repeatedly by her. I’m not talking about a woman who has outright told you she doesn’t like you. I’m talking about a woman that is showing interest in you but making it a challenge to get her or win her over. She has not rejected you openly, but she is making it hard for you to get her. Some will go to an extent of telling you that they don't like you, however, they don't usually mean it.

Ladies do not play hard to get for fun, a woman who plays hard to get maybe just putting the guy on a challenge. She may be making sure that you are a guy that is worthy of her, and that shows a lot of self-confidence, which is something somen would look for in a guy.

I know it feels bad when a woman is continuously rejecting your advances. This annoys guys and some will be tempted to leave and move on with another woman. But should you just leave that way?

The first thing you should do is to find out whether she is interested. For you to find out this, you should first get her. The simplest way to get her is by asking for her number. If she says no then don't go on your knees begging, just let her keep it and give it to you once she is prepared. When she avoids you too much then you can make an inference that she is not interested and decide to move on to another woman.

The second bit is arranging a date with her. Once you have gotten her number, just call her. Things will be made easy if she picks your first call. When she rejects the call, give her time and again after a day or two. Remember that this lady is just playing hard to get. Rejecting your call might be ways of testing if you are interested in her. However, if the lady continuously rejects your calls for more than a week, just move on to another woman.

When on a first date with a girl playing hard to get, try to be formal but not too formal. Try to show her that you care and you are a nice guy to stay with. Make some fun but not too much. Make her happy and miss the moment she spends with you. Just be nice.

Finally, you need to know that a woman who plays hard to get wants a guy who will put some effort in for her and show her that he cares. Be that man.

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