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You Are Forcing Issues with Her If She Is Doing These Five Things

1. If she answers your text late while she spends most of the time on the phone.

This is a clear indication that she is not into you. She has another man she is eyeing on and you are just wasting your time and hurting your feelings texting her. Just know that no matter how many men text him, she will answer quick to the one she like the most.

2. She always make excuses when you invite her or fails to attend an appointment

When a girl like someone she will always make time when you call her. She can even cancel some plans just to make time for you. So when she fails to attend severally just stop hurting your feelings and look elsewhere.

3. When she is always moody around you

When you are having a conversation with a girl who like you, she will always smile to you even to something that is not funny. This means that she is feeling excited to speak to you and also she is attracted to you. If she doesn't smile walk away.

4. When she keeps calling you brother.

This is very hurtful to men especially being called brother by a girl they are eyeing on. Also the ladies know that so when she calls you brother just know she is pushing you away from her and walk away slowly respectfully.

5. When she keeps turning down your offers and favours

Let say you give her a gift like a wrist watch or any other thing for several times then she keeps on refuses is a red flag she is not in to you. Take this on a serious note and walk away

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