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How you can help your loved ones out of electric shock

Electric shocks are often taken for granted by people, but in reality they are very dangerous. No electrical power source is weak, no matter how much current or voltage is flowing through such a source, be sure to stay away from it as it can always be fatal.

If your friend is electrocuted so badly that he or she is passed out, do not take it for granted. Most electric shocks cause injury, cardiac arrest, or other severe burns that can even be life- threatening. But like any other injury, the electric shock has first aid, which is something you can do to save the life of your loved one while you wait for the doctor or professional staff to arrive.

In this article, we' re going to look at some steps that you can take right away to save such a person' s life until the doctor arrives. Leaving the person in this way while waiting for the doctor to arrive could result in the death of such a person.

- First of all, you must turn off the power source to not only protect the person from further harm, but also to avoid injuring themselves in the process. If it is a bare surface, you can use something made of fabric or wood and remove the person from the power source, as further current flow through them would certainly reduce the chances of survival.

- Second, start CPR on the person if they are not showing signs of consciousness or life, such as: B. breathe freely, move around or even speak. Press gently but seriously against his or her chest so that he or she does not get completely cold, as this would mean death.

-Third, immediately use a bandage to cover the wounded body part or burned body part while you wait for the doctor to arrive. Do not cover the wounds with a blanket or towel, as loose fibers will stick to the burn and make it worse.

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