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Husband and wife relationship

Should Younger Sisters Visit Their Married Older Sisters?

If you still allow your baby sister to visit you when you are already married then you are making a very big mistake. This is especially if you at times leave your sister in the with your husband or you tolerate the gifts that your husband buys for your small sister.

Lilian Mwigi's Story if how she lost a husband to her younger sister will open your eyes today. On a YouTube video, Lilian says that her younger sister would be the closest to her back in their early life. They could do nearly everything together. This continued until a time when her younger sister by name Mercy Njeri shared the dark side of Lilian with her boyfriend that she looked forward to marry in nearly 3 months time. This led to the break up of the relationship.

Although Lilian never wanted anything to do with her sister ever again, she forgave her and decided to move on with her life. Lillian's ex boyfriend then fell in love with Mercy and dated for 3 years before breaking up. However, years later when Lilian had been married to a different man, her sister came closer again and took away Lilian's husband.

The man has rented for Lilian's sister a house in Nyeri town and is currently pushing for sending Lilian back to her mother. Lilian does not want to loose the battle and surrender to her younger sister.

She says that she will never forgive her for taking her husband away. However, according to Lilian, her friends are now blaming her for being weak and letting her sister step on her like that. Lilian is tired of the fight since her husband has been beating her since he married Mercy and had a child with her.

Similar cases have been reported and people are now wondering who is to blame when such happen.

Watch the full interview using the link below:

Do you agree with the concept of not allowing younger sisters closer to one's fiance or husband? Should Lilian take the blame for allowing her sister get to her husband? Who is to blame in this love saga? Feel free to leave your feedback below. Please like, share and follow my page for more reads.

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