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All You Need To Know About Luo Women Before Approaching Them

Being in a relationship is a great thing. But it only matters who you’re with. Well, according to a sampled group opinion, Luo women make the best wives and girlfriends compared to other Kenyan tribes.

Here is all you need to know about them before launching a chase;

1. They are attention addicts

A Luo lady expects any prowling man to invest all his time on her without drifting. Showing intense desire for her through actions turns on a Luo woman and she eventually unlocks her heart for you. 

2. They are so flirty

Just like all women out there, Luo women are flirtatious.They know how to send mixed signals to prospects that faultily hint on an interest for commitment that men wrongly decode.

3. Play hard to get.

You really need to understand how Luo women work before approaching them.A Luo woman is oblivious and will have no idea you're interested on her.She will naively accept and enjoy your company. But once she realizes your intentions, she will hang back and get undecided. 

Facts About Luo women

Intelligent and aggressive

It’s confirmed,Luo women are the second most intelligent women in Kenya after the Kikuyu. In school, in decisions and in terms of aggressiveness-in fact they are more aggressive than their Luo men.

She is a good cook

If you haven’t eaten delicious meal then you haven’t come close to where a Luo woman cooks. These women can cook.

High self esteem and social

This is what most Kenyan luck. Even if a Luo woman has nothing she will do everything to remain happy and comfortable. It doesn’t matter what you think about her as long as she believes in .

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