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Why Girls never get attracted to you

Women never get attracted to you due to a number of reasons. This can range from your physical appearance, your behaviour or your lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why women never get attracted to you.

1. You are boring

A boring man is a major turn off in women. No woman wants to spend her time with a boring man all day. You have to change into someone who makes women smile every time they are around you. Make sure that girls are always happy around you as it will make them attracted to you.

2. You are the same guy all the time.

Lack of change is boring. Girls want guys who are constantly changing according to the situations. If you never put any effort into changing necessary things about your life then no girl is ever getting attracted to you.

3. She found someone better.

Sometimes a girl might not be attracted to you because she found her type. This does not necessarily mean that you are jot attractive. It is because she found what she has been looking for. If this is the case then you have to let her go.

4. You are selfish.

Girl are not attracted to selfish guys. If you are the type of guy who does not like to share anything with others most especially ladies, then chances of attracting them are very low. Learn to be open are sharing things with others. This will make you likable and attractive to girls.

5. You cheat.

Cheating is one of the major reasons why girls might not be attracted to you. No girl wants to get into a relationship with a guy who is only going to hurt her feelings. It is time to change and stick to one girl if you want to attract more girl.

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