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Dear Married Men, If Your Wife Is Pregnant, Please These Are The Things You Should Do For Her

The dream of every couple is have children and live a happy life. Being in a relationship it requires the efforts of both partners to make work. It also required understanding from both partners. Women have the role of carrying a child for nines months. This is not a simple journey as it requires so much sacrifice and dedication.

When a woman is pregnant, that's the most delicate stage in marriage and thus men need to stand up for their women during this times. This is the time women need to be pampered with love ,care and concern. Here are some of the things you as a man should be to your wife during this period.

1. Be Patient With Her.

During pregnancy, there are so many changes that happens to a woman, these includes hormonal changes which alter the behavior of a person. This ranges from likes, dislikes and mood swings. Always put up with her changed behavior.

2. Give Her Body Massage Regularly.

This act shows care and concern for your wife. Pregnancy comes with fatigue and clumping of body parts, massaging her facilities smooth blood flow in her veins.

3. Cook the delicious meal she likes.

Pregnancy comes with so much cravings, don't get tired of preparing that special meal she is requesting. This touches her heart and gives her the strength to move on knowing she is being supported.

4. Surprise her with her favorite gifts.

Women like good surprises. This is the best moment to it for her. This raises her spirit and feel your love for her and the baby.

5. Spend time with her.

Time with the one you love is the most precious thing. Please spend enough time your wife. Listen to her feelings and suggestions. If you are used to working till late, adjust your schedule just for her.

6. Both be speaking to the unborn baby.

Communicating with the unborn baby is vital, though you might think its not useful but research has shown that this bring connection between you and your baby. It also bring a romantic moment between both of you.

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