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5 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Stay Even After Conflict

No one is perfect when it comes to relationships matters, but sometimes the relationships that look perfect end up unexpected.

Why do we need to avoid unnecessary break ups in order to be happy in our relationships? Yes, this is an important question because it tries to make us figure out how careful our relationship may last.

1. Talk Constructively

Remember most people have different kind of personalities and exactly this is what defines our habits. If in case of any conflict, communication tends to be a better strategy that help us solve the problem.

It doesn't matter how many times we've been in conflicts because we learn from the mistakes we cause. Since we understand each other the difficulty in finding a solution become as easy as possible.

2. Listen to Each Other Without Interrupting Apart from defending our opinions it is good to listen to other people's view because conversation is a two-way activity. We can be hurt differently depending on how we've perceive the conflict.

But if we listen more than we can speak it means we're ready to acknowledge and solve the issue. More importantly it shows our level of integrity as a man or as a woman.

Silence can be very rude to some people but to some can be genuine. You may either give them space to think and find peace on the own, or we give them time to forget us.

3. Avoid Stuck on Silly Stuffs but Rather Let Go

Usually our past mistakes shouldn't determine our current one because us human tends to flash back on our past.

It sound rational if we forgive and forget since we'll have time to think on building our future together. Holding grudge doesn't help rather we're fighting our own selves.

4. Appreciate What You Have

We meet people who are beautiful than our girlfriends, or we're with men who're handsome than our boyfriends, but since we appreciate what we've, nothing will trouble our happiness.

Usually we fall in love with people who makes our world beautiful since our hearts has desired for it.

5. Try to Avoid Being Jealous and Build Trust

Being wholeheartedly in a relationships means we fall for each other blindly without caring someone's flaws because we're all trying to make our lives look perfect.

But being jealous will destroy the available trust since it instill doubts in us which later makes it difficult to trust our partner.

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