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Giving Too Much in a Relationship

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. If you put your hand on a kettle and get a burn, I don't need to know how hot the kettle is. I'm simply not putting any part of my body near it.

How many times have we heard of men taking their lovers to school only for the lovers to meet the love of their lives in the same school? A man sells fruits for his lover to go to school, only for her to finish school and want someone who is of her level of education, and not a mere fruit seller? As we know, women prefer men who are above them in age and earnings.

I'm sure there are also women who have done great things for men, only for the men to leave them eventually? I'm also sure that there are women who've been taken to school by their lovers and they have never left them for any other man ever. For every bad story there is always a good one; to give us hope and make us believe.

It is possible for you to give someone what you may consider a lot, and for them to stick by you all along. That's a possibility, which most people lean on, which is a blunder. The possibility of anything is always there. It's possible to become president, a billionaire or internationally famous. But what are the odds?

What is the likelihood that your lover will spend the rest of days with you after paying her college fees or even student loans? How many times has that happened to others who've done the same? How often or rare is the outcome you hope for likely to occur? In comparison to all similar stories, what's the probability?

You can still bet on your preferred outcome even if the odds are against you, and hope that you reap big by beating the odds. That happens, but the idea is that the odds are the nature of things. The nature of things is there so that you don't hate the same things (in this case men or women) for how they are naturally supposed to be, when they disappoint you. When you understand the odds then you understand nature. When you understand nature, you don't chase the wind, do you?

How about you give an inch to your lover for every inch they give you, that way everything is fifty-fifty? How about starting with something smaller that you are comfortable with?

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