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Things men want their women to do for them

1. Guys like their women to pamper them.

Start surprising him every now and then with little gifts too. These are one of the things guys secretly love. It is a thoughtful gesture and shows you are making an effort.

Men generally never show it but they too, secretly wish to be pampered by their girlfriends.

2. Support him

Support does not necessarily mean physical assistance or financial support. Sometimes, it just denotes emotional support under any and every circumstance. A man feels a boost in his self esteem when he has you as his emotional bulwark. It may not seem like it but being supportive is one of the foremost things guys like women to do.

3. Send him sweet, romantic text messages.

You could send him other sweet, romantic messages in the middle of a busy day, denoting that you think of him while otherwise occupied.

4. Guys like their women to make them laugh.

One of the most adorable acts women do is make them laugh. You do not need stand up comedy skills or corny WhatsApp jokes to make him laugh. Your own sense of humour or comic actions will suffice.

5. Guys want their women to listen to them.

You need to be a good listener to your man and be alert to his expressions of his thoughts. Men do cry when sad and laugh when happy. All they need is an understanding, empathetic listener in you. Most men are good listeners. If he always listens to you, he secretly wishes to be heard as well. So once in a while, let him do the talking.

6. Appreciate his efforts.

From handling your mood swings to pampering you, your man puts an effort in the relationship. You can reciprocate by appreciating him. Every once in a while, it would not hurt to leave a thank you note or a card on his side table saying how much he means to you.

7. Compliment him

Men are savvy, suave dressers too, and it is a good idea to let them know it. Like us women, compliments do make men happy. Sincere compliments are way better than empty, insincere sounding flattery.

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