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Proofs That you are in Love

Are you in love with someone? How did you know that you love that person? At some point, it proves difficult to be sure whether you have fallen in love with someone. This mostly occurs when you have never been in love before. Signs that reveal that you love someone are as follows:

1.When you care so much about the person's happiness

When you love someone, you will always make sure that you do everything in your power to make them happy. You find yourself concerned if the person is sad and you tend to be willing to make them smile.

2. Wanting to be close to the person all the time

If it happens that you do not want to be far from a given person because you enjoy their company so much this shows that you love them. You will find yourself missing the person every minute that you are part.

3. Buying a person gifts frequently

A decision to buy someone a gift always lays within the person. If you find yourself having an increased urge to buy gifts and please someone then it proves that you are in love with that person.

4. Thinking about your future with that person in it.

Including someone in your future plan means that you wish to be with that person for a very long time because of the love you have for them.

5. Extreme Jealousy

When you love someone, you will want the person all to yourself. Being jealous when the person is with another person and being insecure shows that you deeply love that person.

I think by now you can now tell if you are in love with your partner. If you are ready and willing take another step of life by proposing and getting engaged you should go for it. Love is a beautiful thing, enjoy it.

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