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Husband and wife relationship

3 Reasons You Need A Second Wife

In Africa, there quite a number communities where polygamy is accepted. In the Bukusu, luo, kikuyu, Mijikenda as well as several cushitic tribes. This is accepted as long as the man is able to provide for all wives comfortably.

Here are some reasons you too would need a second wife if you come from a culture where this is accepted. They include; 

Many offsprings 

For Africans many children means more wealth. A number of offsprings guarantees that you will receive proper attention in your old age. 

Respect in society. 

For most tribes in kenya, the ability to comfortably provide for your families attracts respect. This is because feeding and meeting basic requirement for both families means you're a diligent man and goal driven. 

Securing family wealth 

In Tanzania, marrying more wives means more wealth in that the number of wives acts as extra source of income. In this day and era it could be similar. Having several wives acting as trustees in a family based company could be a way of securing the best interest of family wealth.

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