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6 things you should never let her choose for you ever

1. Your clothing

It is not her responsibility to choose the type of clothes you should wear everyday, be man who can dress regardless of her concern .

2. Your friends

If she will choose friends for you, your life will be terrible beacause she will be collecting information from them whether your playing with ladies out there which may end up breaking up your relationship

3. Your signature smell

If she will choses what type of spray you shoul use, she gonna choose the smell of her ex boyfriend so that she remember him forever

4. Your career job

You should choose a work that you bezt fit so that you work on it perfectly

5. What you should do at your leisure time

Some like playing ps games and even driving on their leisure time, therefore, you should whatever makes your body great

6. What you should eat or drink

This is where most men have weakpoints, is the role of the lady to determine wha he shoul eat or drink kn most occasions.

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