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4 Things You Should Never Do To A Woman To Whatsoever The Love She Gives You

Regretting in life is one of the worst things that any man would wish to happen to him because of loving a woman. Here are 4 things you need not to do to a woman so that you can never regret loving a woman;

Never Pay Her Bills

As much the love between you and her may appear deep and fresh, never pay her bills such as rent, tuition fees and loans. What if she changes to love another person else?

Don't Neglect Your Family For A Woman

Despite the love she gives you outside there, you have got all the reasons to protect and take good care of your family. Your wife and children are more important than her since they are the people who will always be by your side whatsoever happens.

Don't Compromise Your Needs To Fullfil Hers

Ensure that your needs and the need of your family are fully satisfied before you reach out to her requests.

Don't Keep Her Closer to Your Family

She can use the secrets you shared with her to destroy your family's happiness and even break it.

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