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Why Women Love 'Bad Boys' And Dump 'Nice Guys'.

1. Bad boys know how to be cool. They are always relaxed and never get nervous, weird, timid and anxious around women.

2. Bad boys don't prioritize women. Most women don’t want to be the center of any man’s universe. They only want to be part of it.

3. Bad boys do their own things. They aren’t concerned with anyone admiring or following them. They do what they feel they should be doing without the need for approval from others.

4. Bad boys know how and when to be funny but it’s not one of their main concerns.We all want to make women laugh but some people overdo it at times.

5. Bad boys are honest. Even though the truth might upset her, women are more likely to respect and trust you because of your honesty.

6. Bad boys are not victims. If something unfortunate happens they adapt and overcome. Women aren’t attracted to men who complain, instead of dealing with it and moving forward.

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