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Does Your Girl Send Money To Bail You Out Of Your Problems Or She Exclaims 'Waah, What Will You Do?

The question as to whether girls can give a helping hand to their boys when faced reasonable problems have largely been discussed. Boys have come out in large numbers to register their disaffection. They've said their girls rarely help them up but just watch them struggle and suffer without bothering to bail them out of their problems.

In one of such discussions @MrRightke elicited a discussion by posting the following on his twitter handle, "Does your girl send you money to bail you out of your problems or she just exclaims 'waah what will you do?"

Going by the responses the tweet received, it is crystal clear that most girls virtually do nothing to help their boys deal with whatever financial problem that could be facing them.

@_remmy_1said,"Leave alone those who exclaim 'waah what will you do'? Have you come across those who only say, 'sorry, don't worry'? He posed.

Ibra Baba Yao is of the opinion that it seems like it is a crime for girl's money to see the light of the day.

What is your opinion about this discussion? Do you think its about time girls learnt how to extend a helping hand to their boys? Share with us in the comments section.

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