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Signs Indicating You Love Someone More Than They Love You

One is never made to feel like they have a place in their partner's life. Listed below are some of the signs that indicate you love someone more than they love you;

1. You feel burned out with having to always make them happy- you always feel like you are responsible for generating happiness in the relationship.

2. You find yourself competing for their time with their friends- You should never have to feel like you are competing for your partner's time and attention with their friends.

3. You are always the one who has to get things going in the relationship in terms of all the efforts coming from you.

4. They never give you a feeling like you are a part of their future- you never feel like you are a part of your partner's future if they are always making plans without incorporating you.

5. You are the one who is always whispering words of affection to their ears. Photos: courtesy.

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