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Can Genuine Love Fade?

It is actually very normal for the feelings to fade, love can really fade for several reasons and so therefore it is true to say that love fades and it is better to keep love alive in the relationship.

Genuine love is profound. True love cannot come and go every time now and then , true love is something that is likely to last over time.But this does not means that love does not fade away, it fades but it leaves scars.

There are several ways to in which can make love to fade for example the differences in the opinions raised or other person love something the his or her partner may not like as that much.

However, there are ways which can be applied so as to prevent your love from fading. one of the most important way of preventing love from fading is choosing the affection. Call your partner with a romantic names like "sweetheart", "hunny", "love" or any other terms endearment ,..this would actually remind him or her of how you two fell in love with each other.

Another best way of preventing love from fading is by listening and asking. It is always that when we get to a familiarity of our relationship, we even forget to ask our partners how they are feeling. 

You may think you probably know everything that your partner is thinking but believe me there are many things running through hi or her brain that you actually don't know. The best moments to do this is in the bedroom during the bed time. If it is to listen then listen and if it's the turn of asking then ask.

Love fades but a true loves never fade and when it does it leaves scars.

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