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Lessons From Laikipia University Incident and What Girls Should Know About Relationships.

University is a place for higher studies, all students in all the universities in the country are thought to be young adults above the 18 years old bracket. The recent incident where a young girl (first year student) from Laikipia university has been stabbed to death by her lover in a relationship gone sour show how risky it has become to engage in early engagement and especially while in school.

Young ladies and especially the girls who are joining university for the first time, need to understand that engaging more than one man at any given time results to untimely hatred among the men and whom their cycle is small within the school grounds. Chances of drama and mixed reactions results to mental instability where these young men (boys) are willing to do anything to leave a mark.

Being in school, girls need to understand that their fellow students are also struggling to maintain their status in school. Here if they choose to engage in relationship they need to exercise patience and grow with the young and relatively poor men. Engaging a third party for money reasons is equivalent to greed and in a time when that happens they need to have a clear mind to ensure they are not part of any of the school boys lives.

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