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No Mater How Much You Love Your Wife Never Reveal This 5 Secrets To Her

Marriage is one of the most important units that make up a society. It is a marriage that gives birth to a family and the family is what creates a society.

Marriage is such an important unit and for any marriage to work it takes both the man and the woman. The Bible even makes it clear that a man shall leave his home and be united to his wife.

Since marriage involves sacrifice, where both man and woman have to sacrifice even their own parents so as to come and live together, it means it also has to be sustained by the same sacrifice.

The man has to play his part so well and the same applies to the woman. In today's article, I am going to reveal to some of the top 5 secrets a man should never tell the wife no matter how much they love them.

1. "You Are overweight"

Imagine how it feels to be told by a man whom you love and married to that you are overweight. Women understand how that feels and incase you don't know, that hurts them so much. Incase you don't like her weight, be part of her solution. Don't make her to hate herself but look for ways you can help her reduce the weight. With time she will begin to understand what you want.

2. "Meet my ex-girlfriend"

This is absolutely not the wisest thing to do. We all have a past and probably you have had several girlfriends in the past before you met your wife. Never show her your girlfriend no matter what. Women tend to feel jealous and you may end up ruining your relationship.

3. "Sexual escapades"

Never tell your wife the number of people especially when you are a man the number of women you have slept with. That will only make her lose trust in you and even make them feel you are not trustworthy.

4. "Past sins that you healed from"

Everyone has a story and some people have good stories but for others, their past could have been the worst. You can only share if you are still fighting those sins. But if you have healed from them, there is no need of sharing then with your purpose. Some people have the habit of using the past history to judge you. And in this case you should know whether your wife can take it or not before you disclose such information to them.

5. "Family Secrets"

Secrets of the family should remain in your family, every family has their own secrets that should completely be kept within the constraints of the family. Don't let love make you go against that because you might expose yourself to other people. By not revealing this secrets does not mean that you don't love your wife but it means you also respect your family.

What do you think are some other secrests a man should never reveal to the wife? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below. Also don't forget to like and also share.

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