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Do this to make her chase you.

Do this to make her chase you.

In every relationship, the best thing is always to have a woman who sometimes chase you away, a good relationship is when your woman prefer you more than you preferring her.

But in most cases, guys decide to do the heavy task of chasing their woman after realizing that this woman is doing nothing other than sitting down and watching him while he is struggling so hard.

Most of the women they have that kind of a feeling of pride when they finally achieve what they have been working hard to get.

In that case, I thought I should let you know this. How to make her chase after you. As it has always been said, when you chase something, it tends to go away.

The same applies to women, when you decide to chase after her, it simply means that there is no even a single day, when you will have her in your arms.

This is opposite to when you do not do the chasing, she will come in search of you instead.

For that case, as a man, you can do something just to make her chase you and this is, to starve her from your attention.

See, attention is always the foundation of Everything in a relationship. Without attention, there can not be understanding.

And without understanding, you can't have a relationship. Therefore, the best thing to do to a lady to make her chase you is to avoid focusing on her.

As always, your attention is with what you focus on. Meaning, if you focus on her, she will have all of your attention which should not be the case.

When you give a lady all of your attention, she will misuse and take you for granted. In addition, she will fly away and you will never get her again.

So for her to be with you or to make her chase you, just play with how you give her attention and she will forever be around.

Just starve her from your attention and make her fight to have it. That is how to win her true Love.

Otherwise, up to this, I appreciate you for reading this. If you find it useful, please feel free to follow for more article updates on time. Thanks.

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