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It's Over: Harmonize Changes Ex-Girlfriend Fridah Kajala's Initial On His Neck To This Name (Video)

If you have ever fallen deeply in love with someone, then you know how love can make you do crazy things. Thirty one-year old Tanzanian artist Harmonize tattoed his then thirty seven year-old girlfriend's name intial on his neck as a sign of love towards her.After they publicized their romantic relationship on social media, Harmonize and Frida Kajala took to their separate instagram accounts and posted their freshly done name initial tattoos of each other. There was a public aproar as some asked what each of them would do if they ever break up.Harmonize and Kajala had been dating for two months before their messy breakup. After their breakup, it was alledged that Kajala called the relationship off, after she found out that Harmonize was also preying her only daughter Paula Kajala for a romantic relationship.Yesterday night, a well known Tanzanian blogger by the name 'Jay Maudaku' took to his instagram account and posted a video of Harmonize with his tattoo artist. Harmonize had already changed Fridah Kajala's name initial on his neck.The letter 'K' initial was added some letters to form the name 'Konde Gang'. 'konde Gang' is Harmonize's music record label. It is yet unclear what name Frida Kajala will change her 'H' initial to. Below is the link to the video.

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