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Types Of Women To Avoid Dating If You Want A Better Marriage

When you are marrying, there are types of women you should date and there are types of women you should not date if you want to have a better marriage.Here are types of women you should not marry if you want a better marriage.

1.A woman who cheat in a relationship.Some women are not faithful in their relationship.They are seeking other relationship leaving their man.Never marry these type of woman who is not satisfied with you as her only man.

2.A woman who does support you and encourage you in your work.Never marry a woman who always discourage you in any piece of work you are doing or give any support to your work.

3.Insecure woman.Never marry these type of women who are insecure.When you are not around them, you are fearing that they will steal your property.She can make you to be poor.

4.The spender woman.Some women do not love men truely.They love their money than loving their men.They spend a lot of you money and waste your properties in useless way.Never marry these type of women because they can make you get loss.

5.The angry woman.Some women get angry resulting to fighting with their men.Never marry these women because they are disrespectful to their men.

6.A woman who does not love your family members.Most women hate her husband's family members without any reason.You should not marry this type of woman who hates your family and can make you too hate your family.

7.A proud woman.Some women are very pride.They keep on showing themselves and what they have that others are not having.Never marry these types of women.

8.A woman who does not respect your.Never date this woman who does not respect you.She does not listen to what you are saying or take an action to what you are saying.

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